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How Refinancing Online Can Save You Time And Money?

One of the largest financial decisions in most people’s lives could not escape the Internet. This has become an important shift in the mindset of consumers that greatly benefits them. There is much more competition now, which gives more financial power to the homeowner wanting to refinance.

Refinancing your home mortgage in the past, before the Internet, was a real hassle for both mortgage lenders and borrowers. The process of gathering information to compare loan programs was a time consuming task. Now, with a centralized information source for mortgage programs and financial advice, a homeowner no longer has to take time off from work to talk to banks and present mounds of paperwork to them before they can get a quote.

You can simply sit in the comfort of your own home, click a few buttons on the computer and presto you can have several quotes from multiple lenders in and easy-to-read side-by-side comparison.

Beware of being charged an amount for refinancing online. Make sure you talk to a Mortgage Professional who can help or guide you through your online process. When your putting your personal information make sure the website is Secure.

Many companies offering to "refinance online" will actually take your information and resell it to many brokers and bankers. This information is often sold many times, resulting in you getting many, many phone calls.
The best thing to do when you are filling out a form online is to check on the website for contact information and make sure that it is going directly to one broker or banker.

The phrase "refinancing online" is a little bit of a misnomer. Borrowers these days find it very convenient to look online for lenders and loan products and even apply for the loan online. It is always better though, to conduct the transaction with a real person. A real mortgage professional, such as myself, will get to know you and your needs and provide the personalized type service that you couldn't get strictly through the internet.

The reality is that your local mortgage professional can usually get you equal or better rates and combine that with personal service. By all means, do your shopping to determine market rates but think about just how you want to handle what is one of the largest financial transactions you will make.

Always be cautious when conducting business online. Anyone can make a website. Check the company's license with the appropriate state agency and also check the Better Business Bureau.

Since the introduction of automated underwriting, refinancing online has become a simple task of a few mouse clicks. The old days of bringing cardboard boxes full of financial documents to local banks are long gone. With today's technology, most mortgage brokers and bankers are equipped to start the loan application process online. Income and assets documentations can be uploaded or faxed to lenders within minutes. Loan approvals can be issued in one day in some cases.

Many websites offering 1% or 2% rates for example can be 'too good to be true'. Make certain to find out the small print before signing any documents and see what your closing costs will be, if the rate will balloon at a certain point, how it adjusts, etc...The allure of such low interest rates at the onset of a mortgage can lead a person to rush the process and find themselves in financial trouble shortly after taking the loan.

Most large loan companies that offer to provide you 4 competitive quotes will re sell your information after 30 days. This will increase the number of phone calls you recieve and the length of time you recive them.

When applying for a mortgage or refinance on line, it is best to apply directly with a broker. Instead of filling out a quick application on a site that states it provides you with "4" competing offers, use a site that actually gives you the names, phone, address and websites of the lenders. Then apply directly with that broker using their web site or contacting them by phone or email.
This will help you avoid being inundated with phone calls from lenders or brokers that have bought your contact information from large reseller sites.

Refinancing online is easier, faster and can get you a much better deal than working with most brick and mortar brokerages. And remember, just because you are applying online doesn't mean we don't give you all the personal care and attention as your local broker, in fact because our loan officers spendless time chasing new business on the phone, they actually have more time to spend helping you get the very best deal on your refinance, purchase or home equity line of credit.

Refinancing your loan online allows you to take advantage of improvements in your credit or drops in market interest rates faster than picking up the telephone.

The internet is a great resource, be sure to use it to research the company that you decide to refinance with. Check with your states Department of Financial Institutions to see if the broker you are working with, is licensed in your state.

Always be sure if you are submitting critical information like SSN or financial account numbers that the website you are on has a SSL certificate. You will see a yellow lock in the lower right hand corner of your computer screen if it is a secure site.

When a website asks you for your social security number it is usually best to not provide the information. Rarely is this a manditory field. If the website insists on gathering your social security number then beware. At that point I suggest you do some serious research on the company.

Be careful when sending your information to any one that promises up to "4" competing offers. Usually these places sell your information to to other brokers, but sometimes they may even sell to another reseller. That reseller may end up doing the same, and instead of the 4 offers you could get as many as 10-20 phone calls. The truth is when working with a broker, that broker more than likely shopped more than 4 lenders for you already.

Since every persons situation is unique, the best way to find the right solution for your refinance transaction is to contact us by phone. Collecting some basic information for your situation today is the first step to applying for the right mortgage for your situation.


If you have any questions regarding our products, you can contact us by calling or e-mailing us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!



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