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Mortgage Calculator

Many mortgage sites have mortgage calculators such as these:

  • Rent Vs. Buy Calculator
  • Mortgage Qualification Calculator
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator
  • Refinance Calculator
  • Debt Consolidation Calculator
  • Monthly Payment Calculator
However, these mortgage calculators can be cumbersome and time consuming.

Mortgage calculators can show you some basic numbers. However they do nothing to show you the whole picture. It is important to speak with a qualified professional to get the best loan you deserve.

It's always best to speak to a mortgage professional who understands what mortgage calculations meet your needs. Some mortgage professionals can perform a Total Cost Analysis.

Mortgage calculators are much less useful for calculating the payments on today's hybrid fixed rate, adjustable rate mortgage and option arm loans, home equity lines of credit, etc. To find out what a loan program will really cost you, and to avoid the pitfalls associated with mortgage calculators, contact a loan officer today and we'll be happy to guide you.

Mortgage calculators can be used for wide variety of purposes. You can use the debt consolidation calculator to see how much money you would save if you were to consolidate your credit cards, car payment and other debts under one loan. The savings are usually substantial and can save you thousands over time.

Online Mortgage Calculator results should only serve as a general guideline. They offer simple calculations that ignores your other financial goals, such as your retirement plan and children's college fund. You should realistically scrutinize your budget and goals. A prudent homeowner would never let some online Loan Calculator make that type of financial decisions.

Mortgage calculators should be used as a "tool" in helping you evaluate a particular scenario. The more accurate the information put into the calculators the better tool it becomes. Some useful calculators are "rent vs. own", "refinance", "Analyze credit card debt" "fixed rate vs. variable rate comparisons", "how much home can I afford" and many more. Many mortgage brokers have these calculators on their web sites or you can do a quick internet search.

Taking the time to figure out a payment with an online mortgage calculator is great! It allows you to see what the payment will be without the worry of a sales pitch. However there are sometimes things that go into a payment that you may not think of. Once you have a base payment to work with, make sure you contact your mortgage professional to confirm the numbers are accurate. Many calculators do not take into consideration taxes, insurance, HOI payments etc.

Another common calculator is called the blended rate calculator. This is used when a borrower is getting two mortgages at once, usually a first mortgage to 80 per cent loan to value and a second mortgage for the remainder. The blended rate calculation lets the borrower know the cost of the money for the entire loan.

The debt consolidation calculator allows you to see your effective interest rate and savings in comparison to your current situation. This effective interest rate allows you to understand how refinancing may be much more in your favor despite possible rising interest rates.

Mortgage calculators are a great way to double check what your broker quoted you for a monthly payment. If you have any questions about the results of a mortgage calculator your mortgage broker is the best person to talk to about it.

Mortgage calculators can serve a simple purpose if you know what to use them for. Most calculators are designed to give you a payment based on very general basic information you enter into the program. The key piece of information you will need is the interest rate. If you are not approved for a loan and/or are not locked into a rate, anything you put in will just give you a payment based on the guess you entered. Consult with a mortgage professional, they will be able to give you a more accurate idea of what to expect for a mortgage payment, and they can cover other scenarios such as interest only which may not be an option on the calculator you use. Feel free to check the information the mortgage professional tells you with a mortgage calculator, you will need to know the loan amount, interest rate and term (or length) of the mortgage.


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