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FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

FSBO, prononced "fizbo", is another way of saying "For Sale By Owner" It is describes home owners that sell their homes themselves and don't use a real estate agent or broker to assist them in selling their homes. Generally someone that is selling their home as a FSBO will use FSBO websites or FSBO classifieds to advertise their home.

Homeowners that choose to sell their home as a FSBO should enlist the services of a mortgage broker as soon as possible. The mortgage broker's ability to pre-qualify potential buyers for the FSBO seller can greatly reduce the number of "tire kickers" the FSBO seller must deal with personally.

80% of FSBO, for sale by owner attempted sales end with the client enlisting with a Realtor. There are many reasons why FSBO's don't sell with the same percentage as with a realtor. One reason is because FSBO seller usually overprice their homes. Another reason is because they don't get nearly the same exposure as a home listed with a Realtor.

It can be a crucial mistake for a For Sale By Owner seller to assume that all potential buyers will have their own financing in place. Many buyers who offer on FSBOs are working without a realtor and are not experienced in what it takes to get qualified for a mortgage. Others may have a pre-approval that really doesn't mean much. Bottom line - a FSBO should be very sure that the offering buyer is qualified to buy his home before accepting the offer. The best way to be sure - work with a mortgage person that you know and trust.

Once you've enlisted the aid of a Mortgage Broker to help qualify prospective buyers, and your house has been sold, you can continue your relationship with your broker. He/she can help you find the best interest rates for your next purchase and can help guide you through the maze of new and creative financing plans that are available.

A mortgage broker can help you by placing a sign in your yard, making fliers for any open homes that you may have and potentially bring qualified borrowers to you.

One of the best questions a For Sale By Owner seller can ask a prospective FSBO buyer is "Can you purchase the property right now, or do you have to sell your existing house before you can finance the purchase of my property"

Although selling your home FSBO rather than through a realtor can save you thousands of dollars it can also be quite a time consuming task. To avoid wasting your time showing your home to the "just looking" crowd, ask all your potential buyers if they have been approved for a mortgage, who they have been approved with, how much are they able to put down on the home and if they have additional funds for closing. Then with a little quick math you can confirm with them the dollar amount they have been approved for.

Selling your home "For Sale By Owner" can take a lot of time and work. Two big factors that take time and work are 1)learning what needs to be done and 2) managing time with prospective buyers for showings, etc. There are many online sites that offer to help you learn. And, if you find one in your city, they can usually help with managing potential buyers, as well as offering low cost or free advertising. These sites are usually offered as a free or low cost service by mortgage professionals.

Homeowners who choose to sell their home fsbo do not want to pay for the services of a realtor. Mortgage brokers can offer their services for free to homeowners by prequalifying any potential buyers. Mortgage brokers get paid when a loan closes so feel free to contact them if you are a fsbo.

Some mortgage brokers have the ability to list your property on their website which will give you more exposure. More exposure is the name of the game. You can also place flyers in grocery stores, office buildings and any other location you can think of even placing them on cars will increase you chances of attracting a buyer.

There are many national and local FSBO companies that for a small fee will list your house on the MLS and provide you with all the paperwork you need. It is still a good idea to work with a mortgage broker to pre screen potential borrowers for you.


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